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​The Visionary Behind Fur Gang and Friends

What We Do

​Our dedication to our brand extends to helping our customers find all their needs in one place for their economical and logistical convenience. Our huge selection of clothing, pillows, collars and accessories are suitable for dogs, cats and other pets in your home. We also carry fashion-forward items for humans such as pet inspired apparel, shoes, bags, blankets, towels and home decor items. We center our design not only on wit, but also practicality, functionality and comfort. We provide reasonable pricing, responsive customer service, unparalleled customer experience and fast delivery.


What We Want

​We support several advocacies relating to pets and humans. We are committed to several causes including cancer awareness, pet adoption and shelter donations. We focus on helping and building a community with genuine care for the well-being, health and comfort of each and every pet.

Our ultimate vision is to create a thriving gang of like-minded individuals who shares our passion for protecting and loving our pets like family. Join us in expressing and showing our love for our pets today!

My Name Is
Timothy Mitchell.

​Call me Tim.

In 2003 I enlisted in the United States Marines in hopes of providing a better life for myself and my family. During this time I matured substantially and in the process adopted a cat into my family. I never envisioned myself as a cat person being that I had dogs all of my life.

But this cat really helped me overcome some of the traumas that were ailing me after my 4th combat tour which really turned me into an overall animal lover.

Our mission here at Fur Gang is to provide designer fashion, high quality T-shirts, hoodies and socks that are pet inspired.

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​​Ready To Show Your Love
For Your Pet?

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